Enrolments for 2020 are now being accepted. To enrol into one of our 4 year old groups or into our 3 year old group, please complete the M.I.K.A (Maroondah Integrated Kindergarten's Association) online application at the following link  www.mika.org.au

Enrolments Facts

Kindergarten is an important program for all 4-year-old children to attend, as it provides young children with the opportunities to improve skills that are important for life, and helps prepare them for school.

Kindergarten will support your child to develop:

language and listening skills
confidence and independence
physical and creative skills
the ability to work cooperatively with other children and adults
The kindergarten teacher is responsible for planning an educational program to meet the children’s needs and interests, and to develop a desire to learn.

There is an emphasis on a play-orientated approach to learning, to suit the developmental level of individual children.

Four Year Old Kindergarten

To be eligible for 4-year-old kindergarten, your child must turn 4 by 30 April in the year of kindergarten attendance.

If your child was born between January and April, you have the choice of which year to enrol your child, including the year the child is eligible or the year after. You should be aware that some children who start kindergarten early may experience issues later, as they start school early.

Second year of funded kindergarten

All children are eligible for 1 year of 4-year-old kindergarten, under the funding provided to kindergartens by the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) has strict eligibility criteria for a second year of funded kindergarten. In order to be eligible, a child will:

have already received a year of funded kindergarten
be eligible to enter school the following year
have identified developmental needs in 2 or more areas
be expected to benefit from a second year of kindergarten
The kindergarten teacher prepares the application in consultation with parents, and may consult an early childhood specialist, if required.

Three Year Old Kindergarten

The Maroondah Integrated Kindergarten Association (MIKA) provides a central enrolment system for both three and four year old kindergarten.

Applications should be made between the 1st of March and 30th of June during the year before the child is eligible to attend kindergarten. Applications will still be accepted after the 30th of June however, they will be considered as late applications and are held in order of receipt, to be actioned once all on time applications are placed (subject to availability of positions)

if you hold a current health care card you will not be required to pay fees for four-year-old kindergarten (Koala and Possums groups). It is important that you provide a copy of your current health car card to the kindergarten to obtain this government benefit by the start of term 1.

Fee Schedule 2019

4 Year Old
Koalas & Possums
Amount Due For 4
Year Old Koalas &
Possums When a Concession Amount
Applies (A current
copy of your HCC
  Must be supplied)
3 Year Old

Term 1
Due By: 19/08/19
Term 1
Balance Due: 06/02/19

* Term 1 payment above needs to be made by the due date to secure your enrolement
Term 2
Due By: 10/03/19
Term 3
Due By: 10/06/19
Term 4
Due By: 08/09/19


Payment due dates and methods of payment will be advised when letters of offer come out later in the year.

Please note that all of these fees include all Incursions/Excursions and participation levies as well as maintenance levies.